Get Inspired

Did our story wake your curiosity?
For all of you, we have gathered a bunch of inspiration, things that we have seen and read during our own travel, which we find excitening and which have contributed to a lot of good talks and read out loud in Turtle og which we would like to pass on to you guys, so it also can bring you joy.
It’s everything from books with focus on presence and adventure to homepages with focus on simple living and hashtags and facebookpages about driving out in the blue without any bigger plan and much more.
You’re welcome to tip us about books you’ve read and other cool stuff on our facebook page.
Have fun!

Life is good, follow us – a family kayak odyssey from Copenhagen to Istanbul
Europe in a Motorhome – A Mid-life Gap Year Around Southern Europe
Orange is optimism
The way of f**k it
Little house on the prairie
Who mooved my cheese?
The alchemist

Cat Koppel alias CatVanDamme
Tiny house movement