Heading North – Again

The course was set north, without plans.

Turtle’s front was once again directed to the north. Last it had been directed to the north wad when we drove from Tuscany, Italy, through Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany and finally crossed the Danish border and ended up in North Jutland.

This time we weren’t going that far. The plan was to drive from Aalborg and to Frederikshavn Municipality.

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Aalborg Couple Have Returned to North Jutland

Morten and Mette have returned to Denmark for a while.

Since June 2017 Mette and Morten have traveled, lived and worked around Europe in their rolling home, the campervan “Turtle”. Now they are home in Aalborg to make presentations about their travels, visit friends and family and to earn money for their next trip. But that doesn’t mean that the adventures are put to standby, because the couple still live in their car, and here in North Jutland the small adventures awaits right outside the door.

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