From two to three on Turtle tour

A lot has happened in our lives since our last post a little over two years ago, when we announced that we had split up.

As some of you know, we’re back together again. And even more.
We also drive around in Turtle again from time to time. And then we got company ….!

1.5 months ago we had an experience that made us consider whether it was time for an update here on; We were spending the night in Turtle on a roadside by the lake “Damhussøen” in Copenhagen, when a friendly woman came and knocked on the door to offer us to fetch water, borrow a toilet, wash clothes, etc. from her. She lived right next to us, and had (naturally enough) wondered who was outside her house – and because the website is written on the car, she had figured out who we were.

Therefore, now we think it’s appropriate to update the page – and you who read along – to our current situation: It is still the two of us, Morten and Mette, who drive around in Turtle – and now also with an extra passenger – namely our son, Sebastian, whom we became parents to 3.5 months ago.

On a trip in Turtle – now with a pram.

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We are no longer a couple

Reading time: approx. 4 min.

Life is like a roller coaster ride.

Life is a roller coaster ride.

Life is like a roller coaster; sometimes it’s really tough and heavy going uphill and other times you just fly down, whining of excitement and it tickles in your stomach of joy.

Such a roller coaster ride is our life right now. We have big ups and downs in our private life and one moment it’s REALLY going uphill being very tough and exhausting and the next moment there’s a redeeming ease, joy and laughter that blends into the picture.

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Autumn sun in Vendsyssel (Everyday Adventures in North Jutland, week 11)

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Turtle at Poulstrup Lake.

It had become the last week of our project “Everyday Adventures in North Jutland”, where we drove to all the municipalities in North Jutland one by one, exploring the small everyday adventures and this week the trip had come to Hjørring Municipality.

We crossed the municipal border a late night after it had darkened, so the first thing we did was to find a place we could stay overnight. We found this at Poulstrup Fishing Lake. It was a little bit funny that we ended up here, since the very first place we visited in the first week we were traveling in North Jutland was also Poulstrup Lake – just in the municipality of Aalborg.

We parked next to the fishing lake and got a good night’s sleep and breakfast before we drove further out into the municipality.

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