Adventures in the country of childhood (Everyday Adventures in North Jutland, week 3)

Læsetid: ca. 9 min.

In Husby Hole you can find a memorial stone about the bloody battle in 1441.

It was Sunday evening when we set the direction towards Jammerbugten.
We passed the Aggersund Bridge over the Limfjord, which was a sign that we were almost there and a few minutes later we passed the sign to Jammerbugt Municipality – just 5 km from my childhood home.

I continued a few kilometers further out of the road, turned right at the intersection in Skerping and in Husby I turned left and drove down the dirt road towards Husby Hole. A place I’ve spent many hours as a child when we went on an excursion with the class, but where I’ve hardly been ever since.

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Thanks – from the bottom of our hearts

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This blog post takes place a couple of days ago after our Sunday dinner where we sat at the dining table and talked about our weekend experiences and about how much kindness we had met during the weekend. It quickly evolved into an exciting talk, and when Mette said, “If I should write a new blog post, it would be about gratitude”, I quickly grabbed the ipad and sat down and scribbled while we continued talking.

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Aaargh…it’s so frustrating right now…

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An injury at Turtle and an insurance case which draws in lengths . An icecold bedroom every morning. The uncertainty about what will happen in our lives in a little while (there are less than 3 weeks to take-off now). A back-injury, a broken oil-heater, the ending of 4 years intense study. And a lot more….

Right now everything is pretty exhausting!

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