What is Turtle Time?

We are Mette and Morten from Denmark.

June 1st 2017 we quit our appartment, sold and gave away all our excess stuff and moved into our small VW camperbus, “Turtle”.

Since then we have lived on the road, with no specific plan of where to go or who to meet (or where to get our next paycheck).

We improvise and take it day by day. And we call that TURTLE TIME.


Why not? 🙂

We share the same curiousity and adventurous nature and both of us happen to like taking on new challenges without knowing how they will turn out.
And for this idea in particular we also like the idea of trading our possesions, obligations, security and feeling of “always being connected” in return for maximum flexibility, freedom and unpredictability in our everyday lives. And then get to know new people and places – and maybe inspire someone else along the way. So why not try it out? It probably won’t kill us and it will most likely be a life changing experience.

So that’s why 🙂

Who is Turtle?

Turtle is our mate. He (she?) is kind of slow – which reminds us of being aware of our own speed in life – and he’s bringing our home whereever we want it. Turtle is our kitchen, our bedroom, our bathroom, tv-room, shelter from the rain and wind and he provides us with heating, power for our gadgets, gas and water to cook and a fridge for our food.

He is a ’92 VW T4 California Coach from Westfalia, and has covered around 400.000 km so far. We found him in Eastern Denmark in September 2016 and he has been ours since then. If you guys show interest in it we might be making some technical blogposts for you. Let us know 🙂