From Abroad to Local Everyday Adventures

It was time to focus more locally than we’d done the past six months.

It was the first week of June and we had just returned home from our first half year abroad in our red VW California Coach ‘Turtle’ from ’92.

More precisely, we had been home in Denmark for 2 weeks and had only just seen the nearest of the family and some few friends.

But now we were already heading towards new adventures, namely ‘everyday adventures in North Jutland’.

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“Well, it’s right now you should do it”..

Lars and Suzi are two brilliant examples that one can easily travel around the world with two young children.

How often haven’t I heard “Well, it’s right now you should do it” when I tell someone that Morten and I have quit our jobs and housing to move into a camper and travel around the world..?
Meaning: “Cause once you’ve settled down, bought a house and have children, you can’t just travel like that.”
It’s been MANY times I’ve heard that – so many times I can’t count it anymore, it’s certainly one of the standard comments when we tell about our lifestyle.

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The Bureaucracy Game – Impossible to Complete..?

The last weeks on the roads haven’t been the best for us.

WARNING: If you dream about dropping jobs and housing in your homecountry to travel around the world, do not read this article!

We have just had the first two months as full-time travelers in our little rolling camper home, and we have almost had the worst possible start of our trip: Stress, an unfair boss, loosing our job, infinite bureaucratic challenges with, among other things, tax, bank and insurance, disagreements between the two of us, a constipation, engine problems, bad weather, a lot of crying and frustration – and then last week … burglary in Turtle!
Not exactly something to write home about …

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