Autumn sun in Vendsyssel (Everyday Adventures in North Jutland, week 11)

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Turtle at Poulstrup Lake.

It had become the last week of our project “Everyday Adventures in North Jutland”, where we drove to all the municipalities in North Jutland one by one, exploring the small everyday adventures and this week the trip had come to Hjørring Municipality.

We crossed the municipal border a late night after it had darkened, so the first thing we did was to find a place we could stay overnight. We found this at Poulstrup Fishing Lake. It was a little bit funny that we ended up here, since the very first place we visited in the first week we were traveling in North Jutland was also Poulstrup Lake – just in the municipality of Aalborg.

We parked next to the fishing lake and got a good night’s sleep and breakfast before we drove further out into the municipality.

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Flade Hills with a spectacular view (Everyday Adventures in North Jutland, week 10)

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The Vilsund Bridge to Mors is seen out of the bus window.

Our everyday adventures on Mors took place without Turtle when he broke down the week before and right now stood in my little brother’s workshop in Djursland. It was therefore an X-bus that transported us from Thisted to Nykøbing Mors this Monday evening.

Without Turtle we should of course also find a place to sleep and I had via the Couchsurfing app (an app where people offer that you can sleep on their sofa) found Gry, who lives in Nykøbing and offered that we could stay in her home for a couple of nights. It turned out to be a win-win situation, because we really enjoyed ourselves in each other’s company from the beginning and only few days after our arrival Gry suggested that we could stay there the whole week if we wanted – an offer we quickly and thankfully accepted.

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Hitchhiking to Thy (Everyday Adventures in North Jutland, week 9)

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We quickly got our first lift to Randers.

Our everyday adventures in Thisted Municipality was somewhat different than we could’ve imagined.
As in all the previous municipalities in North Jutland we had visited, it was of course the idea that we should drive around and stay in our car and our home, Turtle.

But no, that’s not how it went.
During the weekend before our trip to Thy, Turtle broke down and we kept him at my little brothers (Turtle’s chief mechanic) home in Djursland. And how do you get to Thy then?

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